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CDM Evolution £135

This is a short course composed of several modules which is designed to give an overview of the Construction, Design and Management 2015 (CDM2015) regulations, yet presented in a very interactive and light-hearted way. It forms a key part of the entire program and is designed to ensure that your business supports the revised regulations, by providing all staff with an understanding of the CDM requirements of the business. Very special offer for 2018.... Buy the Complete CDM2015 courses together for only £380

CDM Evolution   £135

Principal Designer Role £245

…this course looks at the skills, knowledge and experience a successful Principal Designer needs to possess, and how best to progress from the start of the pre-construction phase to the first few weeks of the construction phase. The Principal Designer might not finish there so we take a peek at what happens when the PD sticks around to the end of the project. This course contains 10 separate modules covering the key responsibilities and duties of this new CDM 2015 role.

Principal Designer Role   £245

CDM Risk Management £95

Designers will, after completing this course, have an overview of all the Duty Holders within the CDM Regulations along with their key roles and responsibilities and have a focus on the Designer-Client relationship. In addition designers will understand why design risk assessment is the key health and safety integration aspect of the role supporting the safe to build, safe to use, safe to maintain and safe to demolish ethos of the Regulations

CDM Risk Management   £95

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